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Accessibility Policy

Urban Climbing sets up and operate climbing walls. We commit to allow everyone a surfing experience as enjoyable and easy as possible.
We put lot of effort into making our website accessible, enabling browsing for the entire population including people with disabilities.
We believe that every person should have the ability to browse on our site and get all the information they need  easily and quickly.
Website accessibility:
Accessibility work has been carried out on this site in accordance with WCAG 2.0 standard, AA level, and we do our best to ensure that it remains accessible at all times.
For your convenience, at the bottom of the page you will find a "Basic Accessibility Activation" button that will activate basic settings such as adjustment for screen readers and adjustment for keyboard navigation, with one click and automatically.

Browser compatibility:
Google Chrome, FireFox, Opera

General adjustments:
Button for activating basic accessibility, keyboard navigation, adjusting for screen readers, skipping main content, changing the location of the interface.

Text and content adjustments in the interface:
Changing the font sizes, readable fonts, highlighting links, highlighting headings, changing the spacing between lines between words and letters.

Color adjustments and display:
Display image descriptions, dark and light modes, change the site to grayscale, contrasting colors, change the color of the texts, stop animations and movement.

Navigation and orientation adjustments:
Changing the mouse cursor to a large and white cursor, or a large black cursor, highlighting a mouse pointer, enlarging and reducing the site view, letter navigation, highlighting a mouse pointer.

Clarifications and comments:
Despite our many efforts to enable the site to be adapted at the highest level, pages or parts of the site that have not yet been accessed or for which the technological solution has not yet been found may be discovered.
We thrive to improve, add and update capabilities to the accessibility interfaces of our site, as well as adapt and assimilate new technologies. All in order to always reach the optimal level of accessibility and keep in accordance with technological progress.

If you have found a problem, you do not get along with the accessibility interface, or have ideas for improving it, we would love to hear from you.
You can always contact us by email at and it will reach our accessibility team. We'll be happy to be at your service in any way!

Our accessibility coordinator:
Ram Yaniv,

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