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With private climbing parties and expert instructors, a climbing party at uClimb will give your guests new skills, a restored sense of adventure and incredible stories to share!

What’s included:

  • Private climbing gym.

  • 2 hours of instructor-supervised climbing

  • Free day pass coupon for each guest

  • Enjoy snacks and soft drinks

  • Stress-free event!


Outdoor clmbing Birthdays


uClimb's outdoor climbing birthdays with expert instructors.

A lot of adventures and incredible stories to share!

What's Included:

  • All required safety equipment.

  • Private certified climbing instructor for the whole day


Up to 10 kids.

bar mitzvush
adult party.jpeg

Corporate Events

Reignite a sense of adventure at your company with a stress-free climbing event. uClimb Rehovot promises a welcoming and fun climbing experience in the whole gym reserved especially for you.

Our Team Development Climbing Program is a great team building activity that will teach trust development, team cohesion, goal setting and pushing personal limits, while keeping light and fun. Knowledgeable (and extremely fun!) instructors are responsible for all climbing-related activities.

Top off your event by ordering catering from any local catering company to enjoy in your private area.

Have a large event in mind?  Contact us to book a customized event


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